Advancement of sportsmen professional career,
organization of MMA shows

About Us


Professional sport club "RusFighters" was found in November 2004 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Originally the main goal of our Club was searching for the most talented MMA fighters in Russia and advancement of their professional career on international level. To achieve this goal managers of our Club constantly look through both amateur and professional MMA events all over the country. We promote the series of MMA events called "Siberian Challenge" in Siberia to find the most talented sportsmen in order to work with them in the future.

Our Club work together with many promoters of MMA events in various parts of Russia, which also allows our fighters to gain professional experience fighting in different events in inside the country before entering the international competition.

Today "RusFighters" work with many international organizations, federations, promoters, clubs and shows, our fighters successfully compete in different countries (Italy, Finland, Brazil, Korea, China, Canada, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, etc) in such events as BodogFight, M-1, ProFC, Hell Cage, Elite XC, KSW, Shine Fights, Art Of War, Fight Festival, The Cage, IAFC, WAFC, and others.

Our main training facility is in St. Petersburg, in "Lider Sport" Club, coach - Sergey Nikitin. We also work with our friends and partners in Omsk ("Saturn Profy" gym, coaches Kavkaz Sultanmagomedov and Alexander Shlemenko) and in Bratsk (Sport Club "Poedinok", coaches Konstantin Klimov and Alexey Revenko).




Konstantin KLIMOV


Was born in 1974 in Bratsk, Russia.

PhD, in 2001 he graduated from Siberian State Academy of Physical Culture (Omsk, Russia), specialization - "Physical Culture and Sport", qualification - trainer in martial arts. In 2007 Konstantin got PhD degree from St. Petersburg University of Physical Culture, specialization: "Theory and methods of physical culture, sport training, and adaptive physical culture".  Theme of his work was "Contents and methods of training of sportsmen in mixed martial arts".

As a coach, Konstantin developed three Champions of Russia in Combat Fighting, winner of international tourney in Combat Fighting, champions and prize winners in professional MMA events.

Konstantin promoted a number of professional MMA events in Siberian region of Russia.

He also worked as the Chairman of Organizing Committee at Cup of Russia in Professional Pankration in 2001, as the Chief Judge in Championship of Russia in Pankration among professionals in 2003, as the Chairman of Organizing Committee at international MMA show "Siberian Challenge" in Bratsk in 2007-2008. Konstantin was rewarded a multiple honorary deeds from authorities for his contribution in sport.



Vice President

Was born in 1977 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

PhD in Economics. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finances in 1999 specializing in marketing, got his PhD degree from the same University in 2002.

Works as promoter and co-promoter of a number of professional MMA events in different parts of Russia, manages a RusFighters Sport Club team of fighters, works with large variety of managers, agents, fighters, journalists, promoters of different Events in Russia and in the World.





Was born in 1984 in Omsk, Russia.

Graduated from Siberian State University of Physical Culture in 2006. Master of sport on internatinal level in Army Combat Fighting. Champion of Russia, Asia and World in Pankration. Winner of such international events, as ShoXC, BodogFIGHT, IAFC and others. Winner of Bellator FC Grand Prix 2010 winner.

Works as MMA coach since 2007.









Was born in 1975 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Graduated from St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts in 2001. Master of Sport in Sambo and Judo, Master of Sport of International Level in Combat Sambo. Champion of Europe in Combat Sambo in 2004, winner of Open Cup of Russia in Professional Pankration in 2008.

Works as MMA coach since 2002.  

In 2008 Sergey was awarded a honorary diploma for his contribution in developing sport communication between Russian Federation and South Korea.