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Win of Vener Galiev on "Fights of the Champions 4". 03.01.2010 19:09

On December 5th 2009 in Moscow, in Luzhniki Sport Palace, international event called "Fights of the Champions 4" took place. It was organized by Russian Union of combat sports. Team of Russian famous sportsman in different disciplines (combat sambo, sanda, muay thai, karate, sumo, etc.)  battled against their opponents from the "The World" team.

Vener Galiev fought there in combat sambo rules bout. Vener is two times Russia and World Combat Sambo champion. His opponent was European champion in Combat Sambo, fighter from Germany, Paul Lenning.

In the opening seconds of the bout Vener landed a hard left hook to his opponent's head, scoring a tough knock down. If it was a regular Combat Sambo event the fight will most likely be stopped after that. However this time Paul was given a time to recover, and the fight continued. Then Vener made a few throws, making a score 12:0, and the fight was stopped.

Congratulations to Vener!