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Vener Galiev

Vener Galiev was born in 1975 in Bashkortostan, Russia.

Height: 175 cm (5'9'')

Weight: 75 kg (167 lbs)

Sport Achievements (amateur):

Champion of Russia in Combat Sambo 2008, 2009

Champion of the World in Combat Sambo, 2008, 2009

Champion of Russia in Combat Fighting 2005, 2009

Champion of Europe in Universal Fighting 2003

Champion of the World in Universal Fighting 2006

Champion of Russian in Universal Fighting 2008

Sport Achievements (professional MMA):

Champion of Eurasia in professional pankration 2001

Champion of the World in professional pankration 2006 (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Winner of Star of Peresvit 8-men Grand Prix (Kiev, Ukraine, December 7th 2007)

Winner of FightFORCE event (St. Petersburg, April 19th 2008)

Winner of Fight Festival event (Helsinki, Finland, March 13th, 2010)

Record: 57 wins, 8 losses